Sustainable bottles and eco-design

Eco-design is a philosophy that seeks to design sustainable products and services that minimise the environmental impact throughout their life cycle. It is not very sensible today to design a product without taking into account the sustainability factor in the equation, in order to give greater value and meaning to the product. This value must be part of the initial design concept and that is why ESTAL has been working along these lines for years and has become a specialist in the design and creation of unique, distinctive and beautiful bottles with minimal environmental impact. Our main goal is in short to come up with proposals that strike a perfect balance between premium design and sustainability.

Beauty and innovation go hand in hand with sustainability

Climate change is already a reality. The exceptional weather phenomena we are experiencing, global warming, and the growing number of refugees caused by the harsh climate conditions recorded in statistics throughout the world are all a fact of life. And in the face of these difficult and threatening phenomena, we are challenged to act with the means available to us.

At ESTAL, sustainability has been a core value in the design of our glass bottles and packaging for many years. We thus embrace eco-design as one of our main lines of work, integrating this idea from the outset and maintaining it right up to the launch of the product on the market.

In this way, we continue to present collections of sustainable bottles and packaging that feature sustainability as a central theme, together with the creative beauty that drives us in everything we do. We see the design and creation of sustainable bottles as a way of taking the challenge posed by the threat of climate change and turning it into beauty through our products.

A commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability has led us to create and produce Wild Glass bottles, in which up to 100% recycled glass is used in the production process and defects are accepted, in a distinct design language and with a unique range of glass colours.

Wild Glass was the starting point, but we have continued working and designing new products that address the challenge of sustainability using a cutting-edge and unique approach to design. This has been the case with the Rude Collection, an emblematic, distinctive and unique design for spirit bottles only available in 100% PCR glass.  We have in addition also developed our own Corkcoal stopper for spirits packaging, created in cork and activated carbon, both of which are natural and renewable materials. Or our Prima Collection, Wild Glass for wine, with its new natural, eco-friendly and organic designs, featuring a style that is natural, vintage, contemporary and has visual and tactile attributes that make it unique.

All these lines of work and collections in which sustainability is essential have been presented at the ProweinLuxe Pack Monaco and Bar Convent Berlin trade shows. It was a pleasure to see you there and hear all about your upcoming projects!

Discover all our innovative proposals or contact us if you are thinking of a new project for the design and creation of sustainable bottles or packaging.