Prima Collection

A design with a handmade soul: irregular and slightly asymmetrical.
Natural and organic shapes.
Uniquely, slightly asymmetrical silhouettes.
Imperfections with pure character.

Irregular, Slightly Asymmetrical, and Handmade Design

Natural and Organic Shapes. Uniquely, Slightly Asymmetrical Silhouettes. Aesthetic imperfections are welcome!

  1. Uniquely, Slightly Asymmetrical Silhouettes

  2. Natural and Organic Shapes

  3. A Range Inspired by Nature

  4. Irregular and Uneven Shapes

  5. Natural, Eco-friendly, and Organic Designs

  6. Naturally Lightweight

The Prima Collection is available in:

  • Wild Flint Glas Wild Flint Glass
  • Wild Dark Glass Wild Dark Glass
Complete it with the Prima collection

Get inspired by the world of Wild Glass

Wild Glass, awarded at the LuxePack Green Awards in October 2019.A special recognition for a new color in 100% 100% recycled"100% glass.