Distillery Closures

We blend cork with activated carbon. Two natural-origin materials working together.

We have created a inspired by nature cap

  1. Preserves aroma and flavor while avoiding detection

  2. No color migration

  3. Optimized global migration

  4. No expansion

  5. Controlled Capilarity

In the manufacture of microgranulated cork caps that we are familiar with, complex industrial processes are used, and large amounts of water, energy, and chemical agents are utilized. All of this with the aim of eliminating what we do not want from the cork: TCA, taste, smell, defects...

That's why at Estal we are committed to creating closures that combine cork and activated carbon.
The activated carbon neutralizes and traps the unwanted substances from the cork naturally.

Thus, we have managed to give life to Corkcoal.

An honest and authentic design

Want to know about Corkcoal? In our catalog, you will find glass bottles for distilleries compatible with this closure.

We work so that the packaging solution housing your product reflects the values, quality, and innovation commitment of your brand.

We accompany you so that your product shines.

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