Wildly Crafted Wines: textured wine bottles

Texture is a key aspect in design, providing a sensory dimension, an element that appeals to our sense of touch, to our memory of sensations and materials. We notice textures thanks to the signals generated by the tactile receptors in our skin, which travel along the sensory nerves directly to our brain.



Thus, in our imagination texture recreates the places or elements that, at some point in time, evoked a sense of softness, roughness, ruggedness, smoothness... Inspired by the base material which we use in all our designs, glass, and using it as a blank canvas, here at ESTAL we have played with texture to create our wine bottles for Wildly Crafted Wines.

This collection reflects the search for authenticity that consumers have been seeking in recent times and this is perfectly represented in products with artisanal and natural lines, as well as in the Crafted brands.


Wine bottles inspired by nature



Wildly Crafted Wines is our line of wine bottles whose texture was inspired by nature and which offers bottles that are easily labelled or screen-printed. The texture of each bottle does not interfere with the labelling process and all the textured formats, regardless of their different designs and looks, can be labelled in the same way as any other non-textured bottle from our catalogue.

Likewise, the surface of wine bottles made for Wildly Crafted Wines is fully screen-printable, because the design of this textured glass has been specifically created with screen-printing techniques in mind. The versatility that this gives brands is one of the principles that we always try to follow at ESTAL: so that each bottle can be adapted as much as possible for each client and for what they are looking for in each project.

The The Wildly Crafted community, which is committed to heterogeneity and diversity, finds its common ground in their interest for craftsmanship and the authenticity of things... if you choose a Wildly Crafted bottle for your brand, its mark will be reflected on the inside of the push-up, so that it is easily identifiable and guarantees fully crafted movement.

What's more, the ring of the Wildly Crafted Wines collection has been designed with a domed neck style finished with a small straight lip. It is a ring with a traditional, artisan style, reminiscent of antique glass bottles and whose name is Heritage. However, Wildly Crafted Wines can be available in different mouths upon request.



Wildly Crafted wine bottles and enjoy real and authentic beauty, inspired by nature. At ESTAL we can offer you advice if you are looking for a custom or catalogue wine bottle for your brand. Our more than 25 years of experience guarantees the best outcome.