Wildly Crafted® Wines

Organic textured glass series.

With Wildly Crafted® embraces the idea that imperfections in the manufacturing process are part of a more unique and sustainable product.


Unique textures inspired by nature

At a time when technology is changing our consumption patterns, artisanal products are becoming more valuable and consumers are getting back to their roots in search of authenticity and honest brands. Wildly Crafted Wines® is a collection of bottles for a new paradigm in the world of glass packaging. Our textured glass bottles connect with the essence of the craft movement.

Complete it with the WILDLY CRAFTED® collection.

100% Screen-Printable and labellable bottles


Fully labelable surface The textures don't interfere with the labeling of the bottle. All bottles in the Wildly Crafted® Wines collection are labeled just like any other bottle.

Fully screen-printable surface. This textured glass has been specially designed to allow screen printing techniques to be used on any of the bottles in the Wildly Crafted® Wines collection.

Distinctive brand

Wildly Crafted® adds value to any brand by directly associating it with the values of craft, authenticity and honesty.

The Wildly Crafted® brand is located on the inside of the push up.

Ring options

Heritage. The ring designed for the Wildly Crafted® Wines collection features a domed neck style finished with a small straight lip. It has a traditional, artisanal style, reminiscent of old glass bottles.

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Wildly Crafted® Wines Textures