Yes, the new collection of Wildly Crafted bottles for wines is here, with a wild spirit, its own language, handcrafted, real and imperfect, do you want to know more?



Fully labelable surface.

The textures work does not interfere with the labeling of the bottle. Any bottle in the Wildly Crafted Wines Collection can be labeled as successfully as any other bottle that lacks texture.



Fully silk-screen printable surface.

The textured design of the bottles has been specially created to be able to use silk-screen printing techniques around any of the bottles from the Wildly Crafted Wines Collection.


Embrace Imperfections reducing wasted production.

Aesthetic imperfections and slight color variations between them do not pose a problem, on the contrary, they are more than welcome. We love them and they help us reducing wasted production up to 25 %.



Natural, sustainable, and organic design.

At a time when technology is changing our consumption patterns, handcrafted products are experiencing a comeback and consumers are choosing to go back to the origins in need of authenticity and honest products.

Wildly Crafted Wines is a portfolio of bottles that speak to a new paradigm of glass packaging that appeals to the essence of the global “craft brands” movement.


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And if you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact our sales department here, we will be glad to help you!