The seduction of perfume.

A perfume defines the personality of the wearer, because its distinctive aroma gives the person wearing it a unique and special touch.

Although the consumer is seduced by the perfume that best represents their personality, the aroma is not everything. The packaging it comes in and the values it transmits are also essential to attract them.



Find your ideal perfume.

A fragrance can make us come across as more attractive, give us an air of mystery, elegance, maturity, seriousness, etc. We tend to associate each fragrance with a personality trait. And we often use a particular perfume according to what we want to say about ourselves.

For ESTAL, the choice of a product’s packaging is a vital element and so it is necessary to pay attention to upcoming trends. Giving a product uniqueness through its packaging is the distinguishing feature of any innovation process.



The charm of simplicity.

Perfect selection of packaging decoration and personalisation will become the differential value that all premium perfumes need. Design is essential In the perfume market in order to impact, excite and offer a distinguishing set of values that all consumers want from this type of product.

The most prestigious brands follow the parameters of the luxury product, opting for design, exclusivity and excellence through the top Packaging solutions.



The elegance of Doble Alto®.

Thanks to the cross-cutting nature of the Doble Alto® world, our perfumery products and packaging are now a reality, a unique solution for leading brands.

The Doble Alto® concept offers a new aesthetic design and always seeks to innovate. It achieves the minimalist, contemporary and exclusive image that all big brands need. The double height of the base heightens the product’s presence without increasing the amount of glass needed to produce it.


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