An innovative, unique, and exclusive option.

DobleAlto® is an innovative technique that creates a double height at the base with the aim of increasing the product's presence without necessarily increasing the amount of glass required for its production.

What does DobleAlto® bring to my brand?

DobleAlto® models enhance the image of packaging for cosmetics and perfumery and add value to the brand, presenting it on a double background that acts as a podium or pedestal.


The increase in facing, uniqueness, and the greater perceived presence and quality of the product make DobleAlto® an innovative, exclusive, and differentiating option.


More than just a podium
The DobleAlto® concept offers a new and unique aesthetic design, always seeking differentiation.

The double background offers multiple customization options for cosmetic, perfume, or home fragrance packaging. Which one do you choose?


  • Decoration
  • Screen Printing
  • Coating
  • Rosette
  • Engraving
  • Magnifying Effect
  • Painting

DobleAlto® Eco


The spectacular Philos aroma diffuser collection is available with our DobleAlto® system but using less glass.


  • Lighter Image
  • Less Weight
  • Less Glass
  • Play
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