Get inspired by our latest novelties.

Creating value and new premium packaging solutions is the cornerstone of our work… we hope to be able to talk about it in Paris, and study the best solution for each customer! Providing exceptionality to the product through its packaging, is the differential purpose of every innovation process.

Our DobleAlto® is cross-cutting

We have entered into the beauty world with all the advantages that the DobleAlto® system brings applied to perfume containers, achieving an outstanding result, with greater presence, unique design, with a magnifying glass effect and thousands of customizing possibilities.

Thanks to the cross-cutting quality of the DobleAlto® world, we already offer impressive solutions for cosmetics, dietetics and home fragrance containers.

Have you seen the new designs for Home Fragrance?

Our candle project achieves such an attractive effect, that the product doesn’t require additional elements, it shines by itself. Just let our glass candle holder turn on the atmosphere.

The new Philos beauty for the sticker diffuser sector, has become the best option for decorating any room, since its vintage origin, adapted to the current décor trends, combine perfectly.

Heart Wood, which seems to be the fashionable tonality for 2018, responds to the same search of balance and calm as our home fragrance designs. This distressed and warm pink tonality combines with noble materials such as glass and wood, as well as smooth grey, blue and violet tones.

Discover the huge glass cosmetic and perfumery containers and the special design for home fragrance catalogue. These utterly customized glass containers will add value to your final product.