A bottle with a unique design whose minimalist ring adds elegance and simplicity, while also offering an added functional benefit to the consumer. An easy and perfect cut line, universal adaptability and responsible design. This is Sommelier, the bottle ring without a collar which has been designed by ESTAL for the wine bottles of the leading and most exclusive brands.



Sommelier marks a turning point in the world of wine bottles, thanks to its design which enhances the silhouette and perceived quality of the bottle, while prioritizing its functional value for the consumer. Its unique profile gives a sense of greater weight and quality to the wine bottle. Through the perfect integration of the ring and the neck, the silhouette and line of the bottle are more fluid and dynamic. Moreover, the wider diameter of the neck adds a greater feeling of presence and quality.



Sommelier with Wild Glass, another distinctive choice.

Following the trend that is shaping the reality of our time, ESTAL also offers the option of choosing the ring and design of the Sommelier concept in Wild Glass, our eco-friendly, sustainable and 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled Glass) collection. This option gives the wine bottle ecological value, thanks to the 100% recycled glass, while adding the authenticity of the imperfect beauty that the Wild Glass collection offers.



Whichever option you choose, Sommelier is a winning concept in terms of design, as well as in terms of standardization, since it uses the same capsule, is produced at the same speed as other bottles and shares the same height and weight. In short, Sommelier means choosing an innovative design that provides beauty, elegance and functional value, while taking into account and respecting production needs.


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