Track-Ring for wines.

The SOMMELIER concept draws a shape with a continuous bottle neck and mouth, creating a cleaner and more essential silhouette.

Simplicity as a design strategy.

The simplification of the shape and silhouette of the wine bottle. The SOMMELIER concept arises from a design approach aimed at renewing the aesthetics of wine bottles. With a new minimalist mouth profile, SOMMELIER combines the most innovative bottle design with functional advantages.

Image and Marketing Benefits

  1. Unique Elegance

  2. Universal Adaptability

  3. Strength and Presence

  4. Responsible Design

  5. High Neck / Low Neck

  6. Decorable Neck

Functional Benefits

  • Standardization
    - Same capsule.
    - Same production speed.
    - Same bottle height.
    - Same bottle weight.
  • Easy and perfect cutting line.
  • Aids in preventing dripping.
Sommelier Collection
Complete it with the SM collection. Also available in recycled glass