Rugged beauty in spirit bottles: RUDE Collection

Nature is primitive, sometimes harsh, sometimes unpredictable, but it always maintains a balance between all its elements. Everything is used in the natural environment. Waste is used to feed different species of insects, fungi, worms... Nature and ecosystems are constantly regenerating themselves and this is the way they keep themselves alive and safe.



The concept of sustainability is a kind of domestication that we human beings have adopted in order to copy nature's ability to keep itself alive. We seek sustainability by imitating nature in the creation of objects and materials. And with this context as a starting point, at ESTAL we work to achieve new sustainable and beautiful designs that bring us closer to the goal of saving the planet. RUDE Collection spirit bottles respond to our interest in uniting beauty and sustainability in a single collection.

Sustainable spirit bottles



RUDE Collection spirit bottles are inspired by primitive shapes, with an emblematic and distinctive design that is very different from other spirit bottles. The originality of the RUDE Collection spirit bottles and their commitment to sustainability, as they are made from Wild Glass (100% recycled PCR glass), have earned them international recognition that has resulted in the collection receiving an award at Luxe Pack Monaco.

This collection is an innovative alternative, with a natural, ecological and organic design that offers the quality of being different to any brand that chooses it, thanks to the very short necks with the patented CHOKER finish.

The diameter of all the bottle necks is the same across the entire RUDE collection, and they can therefore be customised by selecting the CHOKER neck that best suits each product line and brand. The bottle also has a heavy appearance, while maintaining harmony through the use of lightweight materials, and it is manufactured using glass with a rough natural finish and an irregular shape.

Natural is beautiful and sustainable

With the creation of Wild Glass (100% recycled PCR glass) or our micro-granulated Corkcoal stoppers, made from a mixture of cork and activated charcoal, we are taking another step towards bringing spirit collections closer to wild and natural beauty, while at the same time championing the conservation of the planet and the fight against climate change.

Primitive lines and shapes, making use of the materials’ natural qualities... A firm commitment to nature and sustainability down to the very last detail and with beautiful design as our standard.



Discover our RUDE Collection for spirit bottles or get in touch if you would like us to advise you on your project. We are with you from start to finish, every step of the way, from design right up to production.