One glass, a thousand lives

By manufacturing with 100% Post Consumer Recycled glass, our choice reveals our clear intention to the market, and our bottles represent a pact with the planet and the environment: more uses using fewer resources.


Today's consumers seem to prefer products that reflect ecological awareness; our bottles made of 100% PCR recycled glass are the sustainable and ethical choice that embraces imperfections while making a respectful use of raw materials.



  • Conscious choice: fewer extractions, more bottles. All the glass used for the manufacturing of Wild Glass bottles comes from PCR glass, meaning glass that has already been in the consumer’s hands and returned for recycling.
  • Aligned with the consumer: our bottles particularly appeal to informed consumers, like those from Generation Z, who value sustainability and corporate commitment linked to good practices and ethics. We provide them with recycled glass bottles ready to live again, a hundred, a thousand times.

We embrace imperfections: Each Wild Glass bottle is unique.

Some of our bottles may have tiny bubbles and various slight aesthetic imperfections that make it one-of-a-kind, and each new production lot has a distinctive hue that tells a story of transparency: the 100% PCR glass that arrives at the factory is different every time, since there are various percentages of bottles arriving in different colours. Thus, each new Wild Glass campaign presents a unique shade that makes this choice a declaration of intent for committed brands.



Quality perception and sustainable design: consumers are turning to products that combine aesthetics with ecological commitment. Fulfilling both criteria, our bottles are the ideal choice for brands who are eager to showcase their green soul.

Every bottle produced in Wild Glass is a result of Estal's innovation and our commitment to a circular economy that respects the planet and its natural resources.

Bottles for wines, sparkling wines, distillates… but also for cosmetics, home fragrances, or perfumery. Our glass, for brands committed to a sustainable world and to a production that ensures the minimum possible impact on the planet.