Natural imperfections are more than welcome; they define our generation’s values, committing to true creativity while reducing product waste.

Wild Glass is the new gold standard and trending colour made from 100% recycled PCR glass, which allows us to go beyond sustainability. With Wild Glass we do not discard bottles with aesthetic imperfections, because they are part of our great commitment to design and natural beauty, which, as with any real product, has unique qualities.


Imagine your brand on a Wildly Crafted bottle, it would be instantly recognisable thanks to the conceptual, visual and tactile attributes of its contemporary, handmade language. If the simplicity of the design has you in awe, a label with soft, curved lines can add the finishing touch, and if you can see your gin, vodka, rum or whisky in a blunt bottle, the authenticity of wood is sure to give it a strong and natural look. Which one will you choose?

awarded at LuxePack Green Awards in October 2019, a special recognition for a new glass color 100% recycled.

Discover all the proposals of eco bottles and recycled glass in our and, where you will know firsthand the world of Wild Glass.