We are going through uncharted waters, having to learn and adapt as a result of the ongoing pandemic, which is changing the way we live and enjoy each passing moment.

Due to spending so much time at home, time that would have been destined for travelling and other leisure activities, as well as carrying out our professional activities from our homes, a new sense of interest has been awakened.

We can create a positive home experience by creating a warm and welcoming space, with personal touches and meaningful memories. These, as always, should go hand in hand with a feeling of comfort, along with shades of colour that make us feel good and an aroma with which to identify …

Over the coming months, should we paint our walls in earthy tones, combined with other greys and browns, as suggested by the market? How does Estal’s DobleAlto® system benefit Home Fragrance packaging? Maybe the balance between aroma, colour and beauty will take charge in our quest to feel better every day in our new lives.