Estal revealed its new image in the last few months of 2023, a new way of communicating who we are, what we do and what drives us to do it. On 21 September we organised a party at our Poblenou offices in Barcelona, in a space with views of the Mediterranean, and where customers, suppliers, brands and designers came to discover the new Estal. This was a preparatory event prior to our attendance at the international event that we attend every year without fail in order to present our innovations, the most sustainable and premium collections and everything that allows innovation, design and sustainability to live and succeed together.

And for yet another year, as always, Estal was present at the prestigious event that brings together the packaging industry, especially the premium packaging industry. Luxe Pack Monaco. A few days after our presentation party for the new brand image, we arrived at this event where we had two stands this year, one devoted to the Food & Drinks industry and another, in a new location in the Lux Home area. This is a newly created space at Luxe Pack Monaco where we were able to display our collections for home fragrance and textile perfumes, as well as collections such as the sustainable and ground-breaking Bubbles, and bottles with Doble Alto (Double Height) innovation, our top premium solution.



We presented our new image at these two stands to the international public through a selection of colours and images that transmit the freshness, spontaneity and proximity of the brand, as well as our commitment to innovation and design.

One of the main exhibits communicated our commitment to sustainable innovation with Wild Glass, a 100% PCR glass. Estal seeks to create glass packaging solutions that help brands to communicate narratives of proximity, innovation, creativity and sustainability. Our raison d'être is to add value to the final product, to be a perfect companion with a glass receptacle that holds the most precious treasure for a brand: its product.



A third space completed the Estal triad at Monaco, which was devoted to the third edition of Make a Mark, a project that, in collaboration with Leonhard Kurz and Avery Dennison, brings together the best international packaging design talent. 20 designers, 20 projects and hundreds of people involved in each of the creations brightened up the night of 3 October during the 2023 blue edition presentation event.

We were delighted to have been able to share space and time with such talent, surrounded by other brands that are our allies and by designers and professionals who inspire us and who we hope to inspire with glass creations that we hope will become the iconic products of tomorrow.

Thanks again to all those who visited us this year.