There is a conviction that eco fragrances can’t be beautiful, but obviously the innovation bet always find the top balance.

Bubbles, sustainable glamour

  1. 35% lighter

  2. Reduced impact on CO2 emissions
  3. Visibly higher perceived weight

  4. Eco-friendly appearance

  5. Enhanced sealing opportunities
  6. Unique and patented design innovation
  7. Cross-cutting

Easy to fill, easy to recycle


The screw version offers the possibility to fill and separate the pumps from the glass bottle for efficient recycling.

Push-Up, from wine to fragrance


Our experience in the wine market allows us to understand that push-ups can be used to create larger bottles, thereby expanding their visual perception, giving them a more premium look without compromising their weight compared to glass accumulation techniques.

In addition, push-ups are highly distinctive.

Wide neck, greater visual weight

We have designed a wide neck to provide greater visual weight to the bottle and increase sealing possibilities.

This also helps balance the overall visual weight of the bottle, traditionally centered at the bottom with glass accumulation (or the push-up in this case), while adding another layer of uniqueness.

Home fragrance

Among the different options of the Bubbles Collection, we also have the perfect version of reed diffusers for Home fragrance.

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