Custom wine bottles: the image of excellence

To discover beauty and functionality in the simplicity of design, to adorn products with an image of excellence, for large and small wineries that wish to be different and that know the importance of good wine bottle design. This is what we focused on when we created Sommeliera complete concept that combines innovative design and beauty with a wide range of functional benefits. Because design must know how to be the bridge between beauty and functionality.



Sommelier enhances the shape and perceived quality of the bottle and revamps the appearance of wine bottles with its minimalist, anti-drip ring shape. Always looking to bridge what we consider to be the false dichotomy between beauty and functionality, Sommelier is both elegant and universally adaptable; its strength and presence are a perfect match for a responsible design; its decorative neck, having a standard production, and at the same speed as other bottles despite its exclusivity. Its careful design gives it a fluid and dynamic look.


Chosen by design experts

The beauty and functionality of the Sommelier has captivated many of the industry’s design experts. The Sommelier bottle was therefore chosen by some of the award winners at different industry events to showcase their wines. This is the case of Famiglia Febo, which won a prize for the label on its Parella 2018 white wine at the Vinitaly Design International Packaging Competition 2020 and which chose Sommelier as the design to enhance its image. That same year, Spazio di Paolo's design for Brandbreeder won the Bronze Pentawards in the wine category. Or there is Coreti, which was awarded a Silver Pentawards in 2021 for its '91 label and which also chose the Sommelier concept to showcase its product.



Creation meets Sommelier

Several of the creators invited to be part of the Make a Mark initiative have also been captivated by the simplicity and elegance of the Sommelier concept for showcasing their designs. Make a Mark is a platform for innovation, an opportunity to unleash creativity, promoting talent, imagination and the exploration of new creative possibilities in packaging design without any limitations. And in this initiative, Sommelier was the star of several of the most acclaimed proposals.



Sommelier also in Wild Glass

Sustainability is a focus of the Sommelier concept. It is now possible to choose Sommelier bottles made from Wild Glass, i.e. 100% recycled PCR glassWild Glass not only achieves sustainability in terms of materials and production processes, but also in terms of design excellence and natural beauty, which embraces all its imperfections as in any real product.


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