In our search for a more sustainable stopper, we aimed to find a way of reducing complex industrial processes that still use a large quantity of water, as well as energy and chemical agents. Our goal was to create a stopper that would remove what we do not want from cork: TCA, taste, smell, defects, colour.



To do this, we opted for the combination of two natural, renewable materials which, together, make for a more sustainable product. The mixture of cork and activated charcoal achieves this goal, as the activated charcoal naturally neutralises and traps the unwanted substances in the cork and enables the production process to have a smaller carbon footprint.

Thanks to this combination of materials, we manage to generate less waste without compromising on quality. We carry out fewer washes and avoid the use of chemical bleaches. The result is a final product with better organoleptic performance and with non-detectable levels of TCA.



It’s a stopper with a design that embraces what others reject. We make better use of raw materials, thus reducing waste. Impurities or differences in the size or colour of the cork particles are not a problem for Corkcoal, we incorporate them and consider them to be part of the beauty of these stoppers.

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