We are delighted to expand our Sommelier collection with the addition of the new Bold, an authentic work of art.

As we are getting ready to enjoy the qualities of a wine, not only do we try to surround ourselves with a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, we also hope that the brand we have chosen will offer us a superb sensory and aesthetic experience, because the strength of a brand is not perceived from a rational point of view, but from an emotional one.



Always taking into account the needs of our customers, we strive to innovate by applying a range of technical, functional and aesthetic proposals which are, most importantly, conceived to become a reality: they are the result of our greatest inspiration and creativity, while they are also analysed objectively so that the best technological option allows us to manufacture and launch the products seamlessly. It should always be possible to turn a good design into a reality.



The Sommelier concept

The new Sommelier concept consists in joining the ring and the body of the bottle by means of a small groove in the neck. As such, the traditional raised ring has been removed, and a continuous line is obtained from the beginning of the shoulder of the bottle to the upper plane of the ring. This is the result of a design approach aimed at renewing the aesthetics of the wine bottle. With a new minimalist ring profile, Sommelier combines highly innovative design with functional advantages for the consumer.



Whatever your choice, Sommelier is a winning concept in terms of design, as well as in terms of standardisation, because it uses the same capsule, is produced at the same speed as other bottles and has the same height and weight. In short, Sommelier means investing in an innovative design that brings beauty, elegance and functional advantages, but also takes into account and respects production needs.


If you would like to find out more about the different options for the Sommelier bottle, please take a look at our online catalogue or contact us.