Minimalism and purity in the contours of cosmetic packaging.

The pure and essential contours of the new cosmetic packaging for the beauty brand Aenaon are a tribute to elegance. The portrayal of luxury is reflected in the exceptional nature of the product and, of course, in the packaging that accompanies it. Aenaon is a Premium cosmetic brand that has inspired a minimalist cosmetic packaging design. Its pure lines capture the promise of a product created with a great deal of care and the highest standards of quality.



Maximum perceived quality and elegance.

Doble Alto® enhances the packaging’s image and adds value to its contours, thanks to the double base which serves as a podium. As a result, the singularity of the product and brand are reinforced by its packaging and its sense of perceived quality, as well as by the distinct exclusivity of its silhouette and the contours of the jar. Its appearance is seductive thanks to its innovative design, which is a true reflection of the presence of the brand it holds inside.


A pledge to high-end cosmetics.

Laboratorio Vivotron is a Greek company that specialises in producing high-end cosmetics, medical devices and dietary supplements. We were without a doubt inspired by the brand in the design and creation of a modern and cutting-edge item of packaging, in which elegance and beauty take centre stage.

The cosmetic packaging was designed by Bob Studio, who were inspired by the Greek word ‘Aénaos’, meaning eternal and perpetual. Its contours evoke the notion of scientific efficiency, while maintaining a luxury aesthetic which is offered to the end consumer. A minimalist and typographic approach using only black and white with embossed elements, to support the idea of the product’s technological purity and excellence. The box also allows light to enter and illuminate the packaging from both the front and back, adding to its overall feeling of luxury. The circle is incorporated at the end as a symbol alluding to the infinite component of time.



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