We would love to see you at PCD’s booth D16, next 30th and 31st January!

We will be in Paris to present all our special perfumerycosmetics, and home-fragrance collections. We offer a global pack with glass as the main element, the design as the foundation of any premium solution, and we complement it with closures, decoration and other elements that achieve the desired differentiation.


How do you imagine the perfect packaging for your brand?



The pursue for sustainability is present in every phase of our projects, from design, ergonomics, and the production process, to the selection of materials, before and after the product's shelf life.



The result of our effort is differentiation, with unique ideas, beyond design. We try to anticipate the needs of the market, always focusing on a clearly exclusive value.


Unique design

We are Design lovers. We love art, creative freedom and its hundreds of possibilities in the design of a premium packaging.

The packaging design must convey the values and personality of a brand through its image. The design, the selected materials, the color, and the texture, must instantly seduce the consumer.


Do you know that our DobleAlto® system is multi-purpose?

We started in the beauty world applying the advantages of the DobleAlto® system to perfume packagings, achieving an exceptional result, with a greater presence, spectacular and unique design, and with thousands of customization possibilities. Thanks to the multi-purpose nature of the DobleAlto® world, we currently offer solutions for cosmetics, and for home-fragrance, from reed-diffusers to aromatic candles, discover them!


The Philos collection is available in 50, 100, 250 and 500ml!

The world of sticker diffusers has become the best option to set any room, from our own home, to offices, stores, or any space where we spend some time. There is no doubt that we are happier in a tidy, pleasant and relaxed environment.


The new Philos collection responds perfectly to the current search for beauty, since it offers the optimum level of quality for a mikados container, it is easily customizable thanks to the accessories that we have created in glass or wood, and at the same time it adapts to the vintage decor trend. We leave absolute minimalism behind, we approach the warmest and most pleasant tones, and we complement it with elements that remind us of unique moments... positive nostalgia.


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