Where will we see each other again?

April is the new January, because it will mark the moment we are able to meet across the world once more. We will be able to enjoy this again thanks to the passion we share with our customers, colleagues and friends, and the great ideas that give us the boldest kind of creativity; Verona, Düsseldorf and Milan are our next stops... We would love to see you again and show you our newest glass textures, the new Wild Glass collections for home fragrance, spirits and wines, as well as the new Wildly Crafted Wines collection for the wine industry.



This year we don't stop, because we want to have the opportunity to meet with everyone:

VINITALY, Verona. Italy. 10 - 13 April

PROWEIN, Düsseldorf. Germany. 15 - 17 May

PCD & PACKAGING PREMIERE, Milan. Italy. 24 - 26 May

LUXE PACK PARÍS, Paris. France. 31 Mayo - 01 June

BCB BROOKLYN, Brooklyn, New York. 14 - 15 June

PARIS PACKAGING WEEK, Paris. France. 29 - 30 June

ADI, St.Louis. Missouri. 14 - 16 September

LUXE PACK MONACO, Monaco. France. 03 - 05 October

BCB BERLÍN, Berlín. Germany 10 - 12 October


Contact us for more information, we are waiting for you:)