The Unstandard ll by Quest The next generation of The Unstandard collection, which features among others, nine outstanding designs that were specially crafted to enhance the qualities of the beautiful glass liquor bottles, and bottles. The collection is inspired by eight familiar Movie Genres, representing the power Brands hold in telling stories and evoking intense emotional connection. Just like the movies, Quest’s intention is to create an instant connection with the consumer. Genre Silent A collection of liquor glass for the perfect Martini: A Gin and Two Vermouths:

CHARLIE CHAPLIN IN MODERN TIMES - VERMOUTH ROUGE Features woven fabric wrapping around the front corner. CHARLIE CHAPLIN IN MODERN TIMES - NEW AMERICAN GIN Features see-through, two-sided, around-the-corner hi-resolution screen print image of Charlie. CHARLIE CHAPLIN IN MODERN TIMES - NEW AMERICAN GIN Features “Molten Graphite” coating; each bottle unique from the other.

Genre Horror Bold, blood-red wines: Pinot, Cab and Zin with textural features:

PSYCHO - PINOT NOIR Features Dark, metallic opaque Q-Chrome™ coat. DIAL M FOR MURDER - ZINFANDEL Features textured white Crackle™ Decor. THE BIRDS - CABERNET SAUVIGNON Features Textural Flocking technique – utilizes fiber particles applied from the bottom body up to the top of the neck.

Genre Sci-Fi Space Odyssey 2001 Avatar Blade Runner

SCI-FI - MESCAL SILVESTRE Features metallic digital decal with no halo edges. AVATAR - MESCAL REPOSADO Features translucent blue spray coating. BLADE RUNNER - ESPADIN Features rich opaque matte graphite coat.