Wise Wolf Wines is the latest venture by Banrock Station in their quest for mindful enjoyment of wine throughout the entire process: from grape to glass. For over 25 years, this company and its vineyards have been committed to sustainability by fully embracing it in every part of its final product: wines in Wildly Crafted bottles made from Wild Glass (100% recycled PCR glass).

Everything surrounding these wines is an ode to transparency, honesty and commitment to a better word for all of us. This bold brand has opted for a minimalist website with a reduced carbon footprint, a real declaration of intent, building a story which consumers will begin to discover as they explore the world of Wise Wolf.

Taking inspiration from the wolf, an animal that is a catalyst for positive change in the wild, and a predator capable of optimally controlling the ecosystem, Wise Wolf is committed to being the change in the wine industry, inspiring a revolution and reimagining the future of this industry. Using 100% recycled PCR glass and recycled paper for the labels, this packaging requires less investment in energy and new resources.

We find ourselves working with a brand that mindfully declares that the packaging is as important as the wine it protects inside. From top to bottom, its commitment to recycled materials (which can be recycled all over again), reflects the thousand lives of glass, paper and the vineyard.

The choice of bottles from the Wildly Crafted collection is a marriage of sustainability and craftsmanship. Bottles with textures inspired by nature, fully labelable and screen-printable, with the firm belief that imperfections are all part of the process and are a good and natural thing.

With wines that look to nature, which is cyclically regenerated and reborn, Wise Wolf is committed to a new paradigm for wine, Wild Glass being glass that has lived a thousand lives and that can be reborn again after the precious liquid in these bottles has been consumed.

Wise Wolf’s Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Rosé are three wines in three bottles that do not leave the consumer feeling indifferent and that certainly have a positive impact on the planet, as well as being a ground-breaking commitment for a traditional industry that is opening up to the changes affecting the world.