The climate emergency has become a critical issue, thanks to the mobilization of young people and the demands of public figures who are calling for joint action to improve the planet's health.

Being aware of this situation, getting involved and being consistent with our responsibility encourages us to continue working for sustainability, always supporting innovative designs that lead the way for new trends. Inspired by this movement that places recycling at the centre, and adding exclusive innovation and design as ESTAL's hallmarks, we offer an on-trend value for the images of the most prestigious brands.

is the new concept based on the colour we add to our bottles, in which we work with 100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled Glass), and which doesn't discard bottles with cosmetic imperfections either.

The Wild Glass colours have been created for different types of spirit bottles, wine bottles, and cosmetic and perfume packaging, etc. All these bottles and containers are designed with a type of 100% PCR glass and offer different, subtle or contrasting colours that reinforce the natural and distinctive beauty of our recycled glass bottles.

Innovation, colour and cutting-edge design in recycled glass.

This innovative contribution to brand image and sustainability is initially intended for liquor or spirit bottles and for wines. However, Wild Glass can also be included in any type of food or beauty packaging, etc. It is a design line that enhances anything organic and authentic, and it also has a cross-cutting application for any design.

Combining the beauty of our designs with the need for an environmental response in the production process, something that both the end user and the brands will increasingly demand, is an idea that fits in perfectly with the natural image of Wild Glass. Our innovation once again aims at providing extra beauty and added value to the Premium brands.

At ESTAL we continue to focus on cutting-edge design, this time in recycled glass. This step inspires us in our path towards innovation, design, beauty and social responsibility, all of which are understood to be valuable elements for any prestigious brand.

In our online catalogue you can now discover all of 100% recycled glass bottles, thanks to the Wild Glass concept.