The idea of beauty is changing and moving away from perfection to become something tangible and accessible, which draws on real and authentic elements. Imperfect beauty seduces because it is unique, because it is different and unassuming. Wild Glass is a collection inspired by the imperfect beauty of things which are authentic and real, created by ESTAL to showcase its commitment to developing the most innovative liquor and spirits bottles.



True beauty is imperfect

What is more authentic than imperfection? What is more beautiful than things that are real? When Kate Moss was turning heads on the catwalk in the 90s, some pointed out that her mysterious attraction came from the imperfections of her features. The designer Marc Jacobs referred to her as “the perfect imperfection of Kate Moss”, and fashion events and specialists would do anything to have her.

Why do we find imperfection so attractive? Maybe it has to do with standing out, with uniqueness, with the characteristic trait that makes something or someone unforgettable. Nothing is more attractive than individuality, than something which cannot be replicated because its imperfection has not been sought, but is the result of chance, of something unforeseen and unplanned.



The imperfect beauty of liquor and spirits bottles

Wild Glass is a collection created by ESTAL that is inspired by imperfect beauty, while simultaneously providing a sustainable and ecological solution for the creation of liquor and spirits bottles. Original and unique colours with greater tolerance than an ordinary colour, providing the authenticity of an organic design. It may look like manually produced glass, but it has all the characteristics of automatically produced glass.

In addition, Wild Glass does not discard bottles with aesthetic imperfections, but reduces discards and thus invests in the value of sustainability at a time when our planet needs ecological solutions. All the glass used in the Wild Glass collection is PCR, which stands for Post Consumer Recycled Glass, and is available in two colours: Wild Flint and Wild Dark.

Two ideal proposals that fit perfectly with the designs for liquor and spirits bottles, including gin, rum or premium brandy. A sure success for the most exclusive and innovative distilleries and brands.


If you would like to know more about the Wild Glass collection, we suggest you view our online catalogue or contact us for more information and guidance.