The fragrance of scented candles has brought the new search for well-being into our homes. It’s always a good time to light a candle, create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, and turn our home into a pleasant space full of calm and serenity.



Today, aromatic candles are a growing trend and have become an ally of our emotional well-being, as well as a source of warmth and a decorative touch to create the perfect atmosphere.

We love too feel unique, different and for our perfume to reflect our personality and who we are. The current trend to personalise everything that defines us, goes beyond perfume, and today we also need to be able to identify our home with a pleasant and familiar smell, with a special aroma that we can identify with.

Many brands of fragrances for the home, cosmetics and premium perfumes, or even home accessory brands, opt for this type of aroma diffuser.



Pure elegance.

The distinguishing feature of our Upper Candle presents the perfect harmony between luxury and simplicity. Thanks to DobleAlto®, it achieves an enhanced and unique image, turning the double base of the candleholder into an exclusive and elegant podium.

This double base increases the facing, the singularity, the presence and the perceived value of the product, making DobleAlto® an innovative and exclusive option for Beauty.



Upper Candle, thanks to DobleAlto®

Thanks to the cross-cutting nature of the DobleAlto® world, our perfumery, cosmetics and Home Fragrance products and packaging are now a reality, a unique solution for leading brands.

Our DobleAlto® system is the perfect solution to achieve the minimalist, contemporary and exclusive image that every great brand needs. It features a double height at the base to increase the presence of the product without necessarily increasing the amount of glass needed for to manufacture it.


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