A Photography Contest at Estal

Photography can be an enormous stimulus to creativity, opening us up to new, unexpected experiences. It's a commitment to individual creation, a commitment to ourselves... Today it now forms part of our list of exercises to reach the desired level of serenity.

At Estal we are convinced that everybody is creative, and that we can all go beyond what we initially believe; because creativity is an attitude, and you don’t need to be a designer or an architect, you simply need to believe in yourself and let your imagination run wild with enthusiasm.


We started the year in the Empordà region, sharing culinary ideas with Roger Pérez's kitchen, and in February we organized the Wild Photography Contest, continuing our commitment to beauty and innovation... It was a success, congratulations!

Why Wild?

We are WILD because we feel creative and brave enough to make our ideas known, we are WILD because we love beauty and naturalness, and we are WILD because at Estal we care about the environment and strive every day to improve our attitude towards the planet.

Thanks to the natural beauty of our Philos Wild Glass, and the natural beauty of the Wildly Crafted collection, the photographs presented by the Estal team have certainly surprised us all, because they pay attention to the smallest detail, because they are fresh, different, very creative, and above all because they have given us the opportunity to see other visions of our Wild image, innovative proposals, and the invaluable participation of all the departments! Thank you everyone!


If you want to see the Wild photos of the six finalists, don't miss our post on Instagram.