The launch of the new book “THE ART OF PACKAGING DESIGN” by Mario Di Paolo.


Thanks to Mario Di Paolo, one of the most awarded packaging designers in the world, we had the opportunity to be part of the launch of his new book “THE ART OF PACKAGING DESIGN”, an excellent sample of his disruptive projects.

Mario Di Paolo is as inspiring on a creative level as he is on an innovative level, he is a leader who always sets trends.

In his new book, Mario takes an in-depth look at the creation of premium packaging, arguing that “Packaging design goes beyond graphics and the simple concept of aesthetics. The research begins with a thorough examination of the valuable elements that go to form the architecture of a wine in order to accurately identify the specific features of the region, the biodiversity associated with those emotions related to the oenological fragrances and environmental surroundings. Everything, in short, that goes into defining the strategy of a successful winery.”

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Luxoro - Leonhard Kurz

Sanfaustino Label


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