Gin Watcher is inspired by the popular 1990s TV series Baywatch, which prompted Supperstudio’s disruptive idea: why not include a life belt inside a bottle?

Supperstudio designed an indicator (the life belt) with corresponding scale on the bottle. As the gin is poured out, the life belt slides down along the scale so that people can measure and control the amount they drink.

The team selected the Estal Philos bottle and present it practically naked. The print on the neck of the bottle incorporates 3D stamping, nano embossing and micro-embossing by Kurz on the offset to create a set of reliefs that enhance each detail of the graphic design to the max. To reinforce the maritime link, Fasson rEvora Blanc FSC paper was selected for its texture reminiscent of rope.


This project was made possible by EstalAvery Deninson and Leonhard Kurz, leaders in premium packaging innovation.


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