The concept behind Studio Créas bottle is all about how nature must regain its place and rights, lest we lose our beautiful planet. Trees, plants, animals and people must live together in perfect harmony.

Studio Créa’ was seduced by the originality and innovative shape of the BD MBS Estal bottle. As for the embellishment, they decided nothing standard would do and chose a LUMAFIN(R) of Kurz, which creates a transparent pearl effect. The Fasson paper is a renewable material made from sugar cane waste. Without a tree being felled, this embellishment embodies sustainability and the move toward a greener economy.

The characters and their half-human, half-animal personalities were fleshed out by illustrator Virginie Drahonnet. The flirtatiously fashionable French-style outfits she has designed for them lend movement to the label in addition to a splash of color. Made to wrap around the bottle in its entirety, the label intrigues the beholder and draws them in to discover more.


This project was made possible by EstalAvery Deninson and Leonhard Kurz, leaders in premium packaging innovation.

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