Smith Lumen’s design aims to communicate the soul of this unique producto. Few things inn the natual world are as dramatic and captiving as a lava Flow. In order to reproduce this sensation, the label is literraly consumed by a red-hot burn that express how the forces of nature influenc this producto, this land and its people.

The challenge was to capture this in a sophistyicated way and create a memorable identity for this unique, premium spirit.

The bottle selected was the Estal DA Clarior.

To express the complexity of the product, a thick, textured paper called Fasson Cotton by Kurz was utilized. In contrast  with the dark background, the luminescence of the Brand and the burns are expresses by using a refletive organge foil.

The sculptural ebossing gives the right leve lof complexity to the visual storytellling while the bottle cap adds a final, precios touch.


This project was made possible by EstalAvery Deninson and Leonhard Kurz, leaders in premium packaging innovation.

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