Being a Portuguese agency, it was only natural for Rita Rivotti create sustainable packaging for one of Portugal’s best-known products: Port wine.

To understand the evolution of the Port wine bottle over the years, the agency embarked on in-depth research and discovered examples that were over 100 years old. This inspired the team to reinvent a handmade bottle, sustainably produced.

To create their traditional Port wine bottle, Rita Rivotti’s designers developed a plaster mould and forged iron tools to shape the bottle’s neck. The bottle itself was subsequently crafted by hand using ancient glass-blowing techniques.

A paper label in Fasson Cotton White (Crush Barley) was chosen for its inherent beauty and texture. To recreate the old-fashioned style sepia ink, the text has been hot-stamped with KURZ COLORIT V 916.

The overall design is clean, simple and reduced to allow the beholder to appreciate the full beauty of the materials.


This project was made possible by EstalAvery Deninson and Leonhard Kurz, leaders in premium packaging innovation.


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