JVD Estudio set out to communicate the essence of the Bou Barroeta brand through a design that brings together everything it stands for. Not only does the ox symbolize strength, resilience and perseverance – all traits of Bou Barroeta – it also represents the wisdom, kindness and appreciation in the heart of a family.

In terms of body, height and weight, the Estal DA Clarior bottle is synonymous with greatness, gravitas and presence. The horns of the ox are embossed in copper, the element for which Chile is most famous, and the overall effect is heightened by the choice of Kurz paper: the cotton adds an earthy texture based in the natural resources of the planet while providing a unique experience for the senses.


This project was made possible by EstalAvery Deninson and Leonhard Kurz, leaders in premium packaging innovation.

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