When called ont o design this project, the first thing the Boldrini& Ficcardi team looked for was a strong message. They wanted to designs packaging that celebrates wine as something to help escape the isolation of thes extreme moments of our times, where the lockdown situation has been overwhelming and where sensitivity traverses fragility and volatility.

The concept was inspired by the song “Los Dinosaurios” by the famous Charly García. One line in particular caught the attention of the team: When the world drags you down, it’s better not to be tied to anything.

The team decided to create many labels so as not to “tie themselves down” to just one design. Combining images from their surroundings, soon the bottle was almost completely covered with street maps, calligraphy, vintage fonts and colors from a vibrant, bustling palette.

The Estal bottle, SM BD EMBLEM, has been selected for its creation.

They used various printing and finishing Kurz techniques to achieve the desired result, including one matt blue embelishment and another in bright gold, reliefs and bas-reliefs embossed with microtextures and special inks all on the wonderful Fasson Cotton White paper for maximum impact and tactility.


This project was made possible by EstalAvery Deninson and Leonhard Kurz, leaders in premium packaging innovation.

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