Sustainability and nature in cosmetic and beauty packaging

Nature inspires fragrances with its shapes, textures, colours and reflections of light. We continuously strive to create and design cosmetic packaging inspired by nature, which places sustainability at its heart. With this as a guiding principle, we continue to work on our most innovative and cutting-edge eco-designs.

Wild Glass is one of our latest offerings, created to stand out from the rest of the market and to reflect the spirit of the times. This glass packaging meets the increasing demand of consumers to hold companies responsible for looking after the environment. So how does each brand do its part towards protecting the well-being of the planet?

Wild glass in cosmetic packaging

An exquisite and innovative design. Contemporary and clean lines, sleek and simple, with an antique feel that embodies the very essence of modernitysuch is our Magister collection. Attention to detail is another of the essential elements that characterise this cutting-edge and distinctive collection. This line of products features all the characteristics of Wild Glass, and is specially designed for Health & Care and Home Fragrance, and for all those brands that identify with its unique and versatile spirit.

Magister embodies efficiency, originality and respect, both in design and in the choice of materials, textures and shades, with all this now being enhanced by the originality of Wild Glass and its distinctive and unique colours.

In 2019 and 2021, Luxe Pack Monaco celebrated Wild Glass' innovative and sustainable approach with an award. We returned once again this year to present all our new products and proposals, and to hear what ideas and projects you have in mind for the coming months.

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