SOMMELIER vs common mouth: the evolution of beauty

Although the conservation of wine and spirits has a long history that goes back to very distant times, the idea of using to store wine became popular in the 18th century in Europe. Since the Middle Ages, this material had been used to preserve everything from perfumes to liquors in containers that arose out of the skill and expertise of the former glassblowers, thanks to the centuries-old hand made glass bottle technique, which remained almost unaltered until the beginning of the 19th century. It is at that time when a Bristol glassmaker manufactured a mold to produce glass bottles in series, a contribution that allowed to standardize its shape, production times and embossing letters on each bottle.

The ancestral culture of wine in glass bottles

There are many regions in Europe where wine culture has settled in and has become a very important productive sector. France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany are probably the countries in which most of the wine is produced, and where, consequently, more liters of this liquor are bottled. Traditionally, the wine bottles that have been used over time in all these countries have always been very similar.

SOMMELIER’s mouth innovation

The innovation that ESTAL has introduced in the market for wine glass bottles thanks to the has resignified this element in the design of the bottle. The SOMMELIER concept entails offering a guided line, unequivocal and always perfect, a unique and different silhouette, with a perception of greater weight and category, as well as an anti-drip facilitator. In addition, SOMMELIER adapts to standard bottles, allows to maintain the same bottle height, the same weight, the same cork and the same capsule with the same production time.

SOMMELIER: beauty and functionality

Wine is origin, simplicity, demand and nuances, the same distinctive elements as the ones offered in the SOMMELIER range. ESTAL offers once again its high knowledge of the world of wine translated into its commitment to high quality, technological innovation and an outstanding and pioneering design. The beauty of ESTAL wine glass bottles, with fine, light, simple and elegant lines, is sublimated in the SOMMELIER range. Again, light, silhouette, purity and harmony in forms stand out and show the universe of wine as a magnificent element of distinction.

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