Sommelier, the perfect cut line. Will you join it?

Thanks to the confidence and dynamism ofMeritxellFalgueras, a prestigious journalist and sommelier, we prove the aesthetic and functional efficency of our new bottles, will you join it? Find outin this ..

The SOMMELIER ring seduces with its simplicity, connecting the ring and the neck with a small hollow groove in the glass. There is no longer any extra thickness formed by a counter ring or a rim, but an almost continuous line from the shoulder to the top of the ring.

Much more than a new glass ring, SOMMELIER is a complete concept that, while enhancing the overall silhouette and perceived quality of the bottle, offers real functional benefits. The SOMMELIER concept is the result of a design approach which aims to reinvent wine bottle aesthetics by using a new minimalist neck ring, while at the same time offering a real functional benefit for the consumer.

The aesthetic benefits and Marketing of Sommelier:

Unique Elegance.

Universal Adaptability.

Strength and Presence.

Responsible Design.

Short Ring / Long Ring.

Printable neck.

Functionally, Sommelier provides great benefits:


- Same capsule.

- Same production speed.

- Same bottle height.

- Same bottle weight.

Easy and Perfect Cut Line.

Anti-drip Assistance.


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