Check out the new HOT ROD!

The new Track-Ring era begins

Luxe Pack Monaco and Bar ConventBerlin will become our great showcase to present the new ! Always looking for differentiation, our Track-Ring project has become a new unique and groundbreaking concept … the best choice for the most innovative brands.

2018, The 1st distillery ringless bottle has born

, authentic and robust, is a clear tribute to the custom trend. Its rebellious and nonconformist soul awakens our bravest spirit, goodbye to minimalism!

No finish ring. Cross-cutting. Unique and revolutionary outline.

Contact us, we will be happy to show you the new Hot Rod!

We are specialized in premium solutions since more than 25 years ago, we are passionate about design, and we love the challenges in the packaging creation process.

At Estal we design, create and develop Packaging projects, from the initial idea to the final product. We manage each project individually, allowing maximum creative freedom, testing new materials, shades, textures, and applying new technical and decorative solutions.

We offer cross-cutting projects, because an efficient solution to enhance the image of a distillate can also be applied to a beauty package.

We understand that premium packaging par excellence is committed to differentiation, a unique design and the constant search for value.

Follow us on and you will find out all our Track-Ring proposals, it's a big challenge for us!