Glass bottles are a recurring cinematic element in many adventure films. A message in a bottle guarantees an ensuing intrigue in any film set in the last century, as these always hold a message asking for help. After finding it, it would mean embarking on a long and dangerous journey to rescue someone who was urgently waiting for help. 

Nowadays, with all the means of communication available to us in our pockets thanks to mobile phones, the glass bottle is generally reserved for more practical and less romantic uses. Nevertheless, glass bottles have become a part of a very clear SOS message: one which our planet has been sending us for decades and which still fails to be heard and heeded. The Earth needs a change with regard to the production of materials, and glass bottles are certainly a strong candidate for this job.



There is no alternative planet.

Although it might seem obvious, as it stands our planet is the only one that can offer us sustenance and an environment in which we can live. For this reason, we have to re-think production models so that we can obtain everything we need to live as a society in a way that is sustainable and respectful towards the planet.

There are already many brands that have understood the need to work with these materials, both classic and new, and their continued use will help maintain and improve the environmental balance. Thus, glass, an ancient and traditional material, stands out as one of the most sustainable options for helping maintain the health of the planet.



Glass bottles to the rescue.

Glass is a material that can be fully recycled. Unlike plastic, which is increasingly invading our seas and environment, glass does not compromise the health of the planet or that of human beings or other species. Moreover, glass bottles, jars and pots can all be easily cleaned at home so that they can be reused.


Brands producing glass bottles and containers have understood that the design of their products can also make consumers choose them, since these do not have to be thrown away and can be easily reused in homes for other purposes.


Sustainable materials and cutting-edge design.

At ESTAL, we are committed to working with sustainable glass bottles because these are no longer a choice, but a necessity. Among our proposals, we prioritise cutting-edge design combined with the glass that produces the least waste. This is the case of our innovative Wild Glass range which is made with 100% PCR glass. And not only do we limit ourselves to recycled glass, we also use labels made from sustainable materials, as well as stoppers made from wood or other natural materials.



If you are interested in seeing all the available options in our collection or if you would prefer to make an enquiry without any obligation, contact us and we’ll help turn your project for your brand into a reality.