Circumstances change at every step and being mindful of them gives us the opportunity to continue to adapt to what they bring. Now that life is taking place in our homes, along with shared family activities and a return to simplicity, tradition and care, ESTAL presents its new collection of retail jars. It is a set of glass jar proposals that differ in style and price and which help to fulfil the needs of consumers who have made kneading bread, making cakes, marmalades or healthy juices their best ally against the unknown.



Multiple uses for a jar

Jars are in fashion because their simplicity holds a world of possibilities: treasures in the form of lovely seeds, spices brought from faraway places, herbs for revitalizing infusions or simply, a trendy container in which to present a juice or a delicious smoothie.



Jars to store tokens of nature, small plants, beautiful pebbles, shells or sand, and thus decorate the most unassuming corners, giving them a new and modern air or just a special touch. Glass jars are here to stay and encourage us to continue doing all these hobbies that are closely related to taking care of ourselves, preserving food, cooking at home, or making small decorative artworks that brighten up our favourite spaces.



A collection for all tastes

Discover the designs of jars with metal or cork lids, in metallic colours, in traditional Vichy squares, glass jars with square, round, hexagonal, amphora shapes... A whole collection of highly varied and stunning jars in which the most delicious culinary concoctions can be kept, in perfect harmony with the need to care for the environment. Each jar can be sterilized after use and used again and again with complete confidence.



Due to current events, the home has taken centre stage and at ESTAL we have taken on the challenge to once again develop proposals that are in keeping with the trends being set by consumers and circumstances. Would you like to discover our catalogue of retail jars? Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.