The PRIMA Collection is here!



Nobody questions the quality of a grape for its slightly difference in shape next to another one from the same plant. Let’s accept small irregularities that can connect us to a more craft and natural world without losing any perceived quality and without compromising functional aspects.

The Prima designs are organic, natural and eco

Contemporary old natural style language in industrial glass bottles with conceptual, viusual and tactile attributes that are instantly recognisable as unique and a more sustainable packaging option for real brands.


The Prima bottles are unique and asimetricals

An object of which geometry is not regular, projects a different elevation each time is observed with a different angle or point of view. Therefore, the object (the bottle) if it is not symmetrical, is different each time.

Non perfect, patented asymmetric bottles reproducing the shapes of the first industrialised bottles. A quality that grants movement and individuality to each of our bottles.

Up to 100% Post Consumer Recycled glass content

We work only with the industrial furnaces with the highest percentage of PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) glass on the market. Wild Glass bottles are not exquisite and accept all types of recovered glass.



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