Glass is one of the most easily reusable and, therefore, most environmentally friendly materials that exist. Very few people would probably think of including it in an outstanding noble materials list, but perhaps the definition of nobility should be revised at this time, in which taking care of the planet is becoming increasingly necessary. Glass bottles, containers, light bulbs or optical instruments, to name a few, take on a different value after their first life, because they can easily be reborn and reconverted into other and very different elements.

Glass bottles: soundness and beauty

Used in the most diverse fields, glass takes advantage of its beautifying capacity and its hardness, despite its apparent fragility. Some construction projects, for example, use glass bottles as a support element to insert inside the walls, and therefore give a new use to bottles and add a firm and original decorative element. There are also tiles made with recycled glass, which take advantage of the diversity in color in the mix and result in unique decorative elements for interior design.

A creation and dedication process

The durability, malleability, beauty and transparency of glass make it a material with many applications and with the ability to surprise with its shapes and uses possibilities. These major assets are what move us in the creative process when designing our and containers at ESTAL. Glass is a noble and generous element to us, and one which offers a good conservation and protection, and whose malleability contrasts with its firmness. All this inspires us to create and choose among the thousand possibilities that are open before us in the process of creation. It is this dichotomy between durability and flexibility that makes us fall in love and allows us to indulge in a creative process where we can explore and tempt the limits.

Glass bottle’s life after life

Although the creation of glass bottles has been around since antiquity and the techniques have been maintained since ancient times without changing too much, at ESTAL we are still committed to . Tradition continues to mark and suggest the perfection of centennial wisdom, in which the production speed and technological advances have changed, but which continues to advocate for the ritual of simplicity, perfection and harmony of forms. Glass becomes a generous and noble material, which can also be recycled many times without losing its properties.

The conservation of the planet is something that worries us, and this is why at ESTAL we are advocating more and more for materials that allow a total subsequent recycling, not only when it comes to glass bottles but also labels and all the elements that make up our products.

We are happy to learn that after the initial life, our glass bottles are reborn and continue to bring beauty and different functions in later life. Furthermore, at ESTAL we understand that innovation and technology do not have to be at odds with the respect for life and nature.

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