The new SILO DobleAlto® is waiting for you on the 2nd October at the Luxepack Monaco and at the Craft Distilling Expo in London on the 4th! It will be a perfect opportunity to show you all our new premium solutions, both from the design, the material and the decor points of view; or to discuss any innovation project you may be thinking of… the ideal glass bottle. All the Estal team is at your disposal. It just needs your brand Inspired by the farming architecture, and as if it were a detached house, the new Silo design reminds us of a typical Kentucky farm. It stands out for its essential forms; it’s a clear bet on plainness. The square-based DobleAlto® design is, thanks to its noble and accentuated lines, the solid image that any exclusive product needs. To sum up, we can identify SILO for its plainness, for its solid and exclusive image… for its square base, inspired in farming architecture, for its easy labeling area, and especially because DobleAlto® offers the possibility to customize the double base, decorate it or engrave it. It could become the unique liquor bottle you were looking for, the exclusive container for your gin, for a whiskey, rum, or for any product you can imagine in a Silo… All our glass bottles for liquor and spirits have a crosscutting scope. The and containers highlight the image of the product and add value to its content, presenting it on a double base that acts as a podium or a plinth. The facing increase, the singularity, and the greater presence and quality perceived from the product make DobleAlto® an innovative, exclusive and differential option. Design The language of design, new realities and emotions creator, is the essence of our creative path. The balance between art, efficiency and exclusivity, form the value solution for the Premium product Innovation Providing exceptionality to the product through the packaging is the differential aim of any innovation process, in constant search for functional and experiential suitability.