Discovering MontRubí.


At MontRubí they are committed to traditional winemaking methods that have been used since times of old and are wholly sustainable and environmentally friendly. They cultivate their land using alternative methods which allow them to produce grapes without generating any waste. This is achieved through a very controlled production process, naturally occurring spontaneous cover crops and a soil regeneration process using microorganisms from the surrounding woodlands.



In addition, their innovative nature has led them to integrate some of the most state-of-the-art technologies and to select a bottle design which is able to embody the quality of their wines. Find out more about MontRubí.


We interviewed Alejo Peris, CEO of MontRubí, to hear his feedback on the Sommelier bottle design.


“We were looking for a bottle that could better express the quality of our wines.”

“A lot of people are looking for an easy cut line.”

“A lighter bottle to reduce transport costs as well as benefiting the environment.”

“We started with one and now we use 7 bottles from the Sommelier line.”



See the whole interview with MontRubí.