Make a Mark is an exclusive design innovation project developed by three global industry leaders: Estal, Avery Dennison and LEONHARD KURZ.

We have invited some of the world’s top packaging design agencies to take part in creating an inspirational platform for the wine and spirits sector over the course of three years.

A bottle. A label. An embellishment. A platform for pushing innovation. A chance to unleash creativity. To showcase talent. To explore new possibilities. To think freely. To take risks. To reinvent without fear. To innovate without constraint. To leave the expected behind.



With Make a Mark, we want to provide a platform for starting the conversation and sharing ideas.

We want to form a dynamic, creative community of thinkers and rebels – all united by our love for glass, labeling and packaging as well as the desire to create new things. We want to show the magic that happens when all parties in the chain work together.


Thanks Designers! 

The creatives involved in this project were asked to develop concepts around a briefing focused on the pillars of sustainability, luxury and innovation. Providing access to some of the industry’s latest developments allowed them to use the most up-to-date packaging technologies to bring their ideas to life, free from everyday limitations.


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