Limitless creative freedom with packaging as the main focus

You don't get to experience or enjoy something like this every day, which is why the 2022 event presented itself as a new challenge: the consolidation of a high-value project for the industry, and the participation of the world's most talented designers who have succeeded in surprising us and showing us that creative glass packaging design has no limits. From Australia to Poland, Japan, France or Mexico... each designer or creative team has once again presented a design capable of captivating us with its beauty, elegance and disruptive spirit.



The richness of diversity

Around 40 designers and teams from across the globe have worked to exploit their creativity, talent and experience in order to show the world designs capable of transmitting their essence and inspiring us, imbuing us with their culture, their roots, their commitment to diversity, sustainability and elegance without compromising the luxury reflected in the details. Functionality and beauty go hand in hand and are presented to the public as almost anthropological proof that humans can go further, it being in our very nature to aspire to beauty even in items that can only be useful by being functional. The value of art lies precisely in giving a unique and differential personality to consumer products that are capable of bringing beauty and disruption to everyday life.

This cutting-edge creative project brings us face to face with new ideas, groundbreaking shapes, surprising textures… and invites us to reflect on the use of sustainable materials such as glass in the luxury sector.
 It is a rich contribution to creative freedom, the exploration of new territories and the collective awareness of the creative legacy that we are capable of preserving.



At the time of writing, Make a Mark 2023 is currently in the works, and is waiting to come to life as an event that is already becoming a long-awaited tradition.

In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy the 20 designs from 2022 that still inspire real admiration, surprise and emotion and that will be, as with everything that embodies the very essence of the creative, eternal in time and memory.

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