Magnum bottles: the life and soul of the party

Magnum Bottles: the life and soul of the party

Shared moments are the very essence of celebration. Common memories are often built upon experiences of enjoyment, happiness and contact with our loved ones. The most human part of social exchange often revolves around gastronomy, which is the perfect excuse to bring us together. It is a time for relaxing, getting together, embracing, welcoming and feeling welcomed. At any party or celebration, there’s always a toast, to pay tribute to the shared present or the achievement being celebrated. At these joyful times, when both the soul and home are full, why not make a toast with a ?

More wine and better kept in a magnum bottle

Although the most widely used wine bottle size tends to be 75 cl, magnum bottles provide greater capacity, twice that of the usual bottle, with improved wine preservation. This is due to the fact that the expansion chamber is smaller with respect to the liquid contained in the bottle, which means there is a better oxygen to wine ratio than in a 75cl bottle. As such, wines are better preserved in this type of bottle, to such an extent that they can last longer in a magnum than in other sizes.

The magnum bottle is also distinguished by its greater exclusivity, since not all wineries offer this size, which is often proportionally more expensive than the standard size. The reason for this is that every aspect of magnum bottles involves a process using special materials and treatments, from corks to labels, including the bottle itself, its storage and its transport. With a 1.5 litre capacity, the magnum bottle is perfect for family get-togethers or any other type of gathering with a larger group of people attending... or where there's a lot to be celebrated.

The magnum bottle is only the beginning

Although they are less common, bottles with a greater capacity than the magnum do exist in the world of wine. The Double Magnum / Jeroboam (3 litres), Rehoboam (4.5 litres) and Imperial / Mathusalem (6 litres) are just a few examples that are generally less well known. These large capacity bottles can be as big as 15 litres.

At Estal we have created the , a way of preserving and enhancing the organoleptic properties of wine so that it can be enjoyed in good company.

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