Classic packaging with a design along contemporary lines and beauty down to the smallest detail, reflecting originality and the value of sustainability.



This is Magister, the collection now available in Wild Glass, responding to a clear demand from both consumers and the most prestigious brands.

The Magister collection packaging is distinguished by the inverted cone shape of the neck, with taut, raised shoulders. The overall result: a classic-contemporary design. Magister bottles and jars in Home Fragrance and Health Care are versatile and evoke a distinctive and differential image.

Producing the Magister collection in Wild Glass paves the way for generating packaging that strives for efficiency and sustainability, continually respecting originality and innovative design while maintaining materials, textures and tones that define the essence of the collection.


Sustainable and beautiful design

Uniting Magister and its design possibilities with the advantages of Wild Glass enables us to take a step forward by bringing together an innovative design with the added benefit of efficiency.



Sustainable beauty can be found in the shape of Magister and the essence of Wild Glass.

Wild Glass serves a benchmark for brands in search of a design with a traditional image and a new colour trend, and it is also made with 100% recycled PCR glass. The materials used and the painstaking sustainable production process of Wild Glass represent a clear commitment to excellence in design and natural beauty. Imperfections are intrinsically linked to the product, as is the case in any natural creation. This is the essence of Wild Glass, which brings together the best design and an alignment with brand values, such as sustainability.

The resulting colour and imperfection tolerances, which are superior to any other current product, give the design an organic, authentic feel much like that produced by manually created glass, but with all the efficiency characteristics of manufactured glass.

And that efficiency is a crucial factor in products that embody ecological sustainability. Wild Glass not only makes better use of bottles with aesthetic imperfections in order to reduce the impact of rejected products, but is also made with 100% PCR glass - Post-Consumer Recycled Glass.

In light of all this, WILD GLASS was recognised at the LuxePack Green Awards in October 2019, a success that encourages all of us at ESTAL to continue working on our sustainable packaging solutions, such as those of the Magister collection in Wild Glass.


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